A Permissioned Blockchain-based Device Identity Management Application for Internet-of-Things (IoT) – Cloud Network
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The recent proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled seamless integration of interconnected sensors, actuators, and any other computational devices, in the form of distributed computing network. The establishment of such network requires a form of identification mechanism for all devices to be connected. Potential threats exist, such as rogue host that can masquerade authentic IoT device, enabling it to take control over the entire network. Existing implementation relies on a third-party authentication and identification management that resides over the cloud or within the distributed network. The deployment of such auspicious solution has faced many challenges since the centralization of the trust and connectivity of the IoT devices forces network to become a single point of failure that may disrupt the entire IoT operations.   A decentralized approach offers an elegant solution to solve this problem. Hence, this work proposes a permissioned blockchain-based identity management application for interconnected IoT devices within a distributed network infrastructure. Unlike existing approach where the identification and authentication of devices are handled by a single entity, this formulated framework utilizes the immutable blockchain network as a decentralized identity management authority and repository through a combination of distributed ledger scheme and smart contracts.